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Company Profile

Hefei Telijie Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2002,owning an existing industrial park with 22,000m2 of modern factory, including a3000m2 of Class 100,000 purification workshop, a Class 100,000 purificationlaboratory and a 3000m2 of R&D center. With more than ten years ofdevelopment, it was listed on the Shanghai Equity Trading Center in June 2016.

Since its establishment, Telijie has been awarded the NationalHigh-tech Enterprise, Nonwoven Engineering Technology Research Center andPrivate Science and Technology Enterprise in Anhui province, ect. Besides, weare the leader in this field with a total of 117 invention patents and utilitypatents. Due to many years’ production experience and customers’ feedback,dozens of products of enterprise standards were set up, especially in 2009,production standard in cloth-like paper industry was formulated .

After almost ten years’ research, Scrim Reinforced Paper Towel, anew degradable material was developed by Telijie. It is a revolution in paperindustry, which gets rid of relying on importing and completely replacesspunlace nonwoven fabric and air-laid paper. At the meantime, it solves theproblems which normal paper has paper crumbs and get broken in the water. Andalso it increases the tensile strength to 1000 times higher than plain paperafter wet.

We are a professional manufacturer of disposable medical suppliesand sanitary products with the advantage of nearly 20 years’ full experience,certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, ect and business relationship with dozensof fortune 500 enterprises. Our products are popular all over the world andwidely used in people’s daily life.

Leading the consumption trend! Create andChange the future! Telijie family are on the way!

Our slogan: Being unique, beautiful andclean in innovation!

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    Phone: +86-551-67662002,67662010,67662013   Fax: +86-551-67662015,67662978   E-mail: gma1@telijie.com  sales2@telijie.com